Exhibit F

By highlighting individual products, App Stores are failing to leverage the full power of their Featured slots

Museums have been in the business of curating content for centuries, and just like the app stores of the digital world, they often have far larger collections of items than they can ever hope to display.

To get around this, they have special exhibitions that run for a limited time, highlighting more unusual or overlooked items with a proper public viewing, whilst at the same time, tying together individual, disparate content into a complete story.


In the process, they add immense value, giving context to a historical situation, art movement or theme that is otherwise missing when viewing pieces in isolation.

App stores should be using their Featured sections in exactly the same manner, adding value for both the customer and the app developer by giving context, helping consumers make choices and better discover both related content, and content they otherwise would not have known existed.

I spoke before about building an ecosystem and how, with limited space and a cautious or sceptical public, OUYA needs to make the content and community they do have really vibrant and energetic, really shine, both in its depth, but also in its variety.

A more sophisticated approach to the Featured section of the OUYA store will provide a fantastic tool to achieve that. You don’t have to go down the route of attracting people by sheer weight and volume of content. Artfully highlighting a handful of excellent games in a genre, and doing one genre a week will be far more powerful than 1 featured game per day every day


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