Aspirational Games

Games are a portal into our imaginations. They bring excitement and joy by taking us on a journey to other worlds. We need agency though, to make us feel truly immersed in, and a part of those worlds. Our actions must matter, otherwise we are merely ghostly spectators.

The easiest way to do this is destruction. If an enemy is killed or a building destroyed, the world has changed irrevocably by our actions. This is why violence is so common in games.

The same effect can be achieved with creation. At Crystalline Green, we’re makers, and the games we create are all about building something up.

Our mission is to make “Aspirational” games: Allow people to live out their hopes and dreams, whether it be growing as a person or changing the world for the better.

Broadly, we focus on three categories of game:

Business Sims

Games about running different types of business. What interests us is when business is used as a vehicle for creation, progress or making the world better, as opposed to pure money making.

A broad-leaved shrug growing out of a solar panel, with tendril-like roots and soil underneath on a neutral background with a slight green gradient shadow.

A white circular bench in a minimalist interior, with a potted tree to one side and a large semi-circular window in the cakground looking onto a rough grassy field

Hobby Games

Games which allow hobbyists and craftspeople to indulge in their interest. Our aim is to give players a way to enjoy their hobby, passion or interest in digital video game format where other developers are not currently catering to them.

Strategy Games

Games that require careful thinking and planning in order to build something sustainable and durable for the long term.

Two giant chunks of blue-green ice flank a small pool in front of a glacier, with dark bare mountains in the background and stormy grey clouds above. In the foreground, a black shingle and pebble beach with two small tufts of grass.

We always try to avoid violence as a general principle. While it may feature in some of our games, it’s never the primary focus, nor the lens through which the player is motivated to act. Some of our games may also overlap with the cozy, wholesome games movement, which is cool, but not the same as Aspirational games. We are also unapologetic in subtly highlight environmental issues in our games, a cause we strongly associate with.

We hope our games will inspire players to pursue their dreams and fulfill their aspirations in real life.