Legacy Games

We’ve been making games since 2011, and here you can find details on some of our past titles. While no longer in active development, these games represent our proud legacy as a studio.

A pair of spaceships flying into the camera with rainbow coloured floating islands in the background

Flight of Light is a hypnotic blend of rhythm and racing. Fly through fantastical worlds, or race your friends in time to the music!

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We helped port Gear Gauntlet, a fun but rage inducing 2D action arcade game from Drop Dead Interactive, to Wii U and Steam/PC

picture of a red-hot flying cog smashing into coloured barriers

Logo of a man in a birdsuit. Next to him a totem pole being attacked by ice demons, as the sun rises over the desert.

In Totem Topple, build and upgrade your totem pole up whilst fending off demon spirits trying to knock you down in this fresh twist on the tower defense genre!

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