Flight of Light vs Totem Topple

Flight of Light

Last year we ran a competition to rename our Wii U game codenamed “Colour Park”. We received loads of fantastic entries, but in the end opted for “Flight of Light”. We also picked a number of runners up, who along with the winner will get a free copy of the game when it’s released!

We’re still aiming for a summer release of the game, but we’ve decided to de-scope the project. In other words, we will release a smaller version of the game than we initially planned, focusing mostly on the local-multiplayer racing part of the game. Depending on how that goes, we’ll release more single player levels and modes towards the end of the year.

Last weekend, we also took part in KinectHackLondon at Microsoft’s London Victoria offices, adapting Flight of Light to use Kinect version 2 for Windows (above). We’re now waiting to hear back from Microsoft on whether we can bring the Kinect version to Xbox One, in addition to the Wii U and Leap Motion versions we’re currently working on.

Totem Topple

We’ve also been working on a side project for the last few months called Totem Topple, which we’re planning to release on a whole range of platforms in April. It’s a vertical tower defence game with a native-American inspired theme that our lead developer, James Coote, made with a team of others as part of King game jam back in January. You can find out more about the game here: http://www.crystallinegreen.com/totemtopple