Totem Topple

Out now on PC and Wii U

A New Dawn in Tower Defense

Build your totem pole up into the sky and stars beyond in this fresh twist on the tower defense genre! Upgrade your totem pole with wolves, eagles, deer and more, whilst fending off demon spirits trying to knock you down!

Frantic Action

Featuring two challenging and unique game modes: Carefully craft an impregnable tower in Classic mode, or feel the fast paced arcade-style action of Frantic mode.

Dynamic AI

Dynamic AI adjusts the ferocity of its attacks based on your progress. Unique, vibrant art style inspired by Native American culture.

Also available in: Français, Español

Out Now

Available for $5.00 / €5.00 / £4.50 at these stores:
PC - Windows
Wii U - Europe
Wii U - Americas