HDCP Damage

HDCP on the OUYA does nothing to protect copyrighted material, but does hurt legitimate users, the community, and ultimately sales

There are lots of reasons for wanting to record gameplay or video footage from the OUYA. Game developers might want to record a particular moment in their game for a trailer, promotional video or to demonstrate the capabilities of their game.

Many games are popularised by youtubers posting “lets play videos”, and reviewers of the OUYA may want to post videos to better illustrate their points about the console and/or games on it

Unfortunately, OUYA uses HDCP, which encrypts video between the OUYA and a compatible TV screen, monitor or whatever else the OUYA HDMI cable is plugged into. Often that other end will be a video capture device that doesn’t support HDCP. However, some devices do support HDCP, making it useless for actually protecting copyrighted material.

What it does do is hurt those legitimate users who might have the wrong type of capture device. Game developers for one having to resort to poor quality camcorder videos of a TV screen or otherwise incur the extra expense of a different capture device (for many small or indie developers, this cost may not be insignificant).

Lets’ play makers are unlikely to go out and buy a new device just for recording OUYA footage, since they will already have a device perfectly fine for other platforms. The end result is that they simply pass over OUYA games and do other games instead, or play the game on another platform and make no mention of it being available on OUYA as well

Reviewers are also not a good group of people to frustrate by putting technological barriers in their way if you want them to give your product a good review

I’ve been surprised on my own youtube channel  just how much more effective it has been at reaching a wider audience than other social media. Clearly OUYA has a lot to gain by freeing up video makers to spread the word about OUYA

My hope is that an appeal from the community and the point about the reputation cost and consequent hurt to the bottom line will make OUYA consider making this simple yet effective change in policy

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