Flight of Light Demo

Flight of Light demo version now available for Windows, Mac and Linux

A number of people have asked if there is a demo for Flight of Light. In particular youtubers and streamers have been keen to get a hold of a playable version of the game. So made a demo version for Flight of Light!


You can download it from indiedb, itch.io or gamejolt. There are also mac and linux versions on the itch.io download page, though the linux version is currently untested. If anyone is brave enough to give it a go, or if you find any problems or issues with the demo, definitely get in touch either through email or social media!


In other news, the kickstarter campaign has been going well. Thanks to some very generous donations from a number of people (in fact, from everyone really!) at time of writing, the campaign is over 60% funded. It’s going to be tight, but with any luck, it should make it!


Flight of Light will also be at EGX this weekend (22nd September – 25th September). It’s exciting as it’ll be the biggest show/convention that any of Crystalline Green’s games has ever been shown at! If you want to play the game there and/or have a chat, come down to the Rezzed zone and look out for the big “Flight of Light” banner.


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